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Crittertrail Hamster Cage Accessories

Introducing the critter trail hamster cage accessories! This is a great way to get your hamster in a new home and give him a new environment to thrive in! The cages come with lots of accessories, such as cages, toys, and exercise gerbil micecritter trail funnels 16 pcs.

Kaytee Hamster Cage Parts

The next step is to take the kaytee hamster cage and remove all the screws that are holding it to the wall. Once you do this, you can put the kaytee hamster cage on the wall and attach it to the wall with the screws. Then, you can put some clothes on the hamster and get him out of the cage. Once he is out of the cage, take a clean cloth and clean the hamster's eyes. Once the hamster is clean, put him in the hamster cage and he will be all done.

Crittertrail Hamster Cage Parts

This is a 2-level small animal habitat with kaytee parts. It is perfect for a hamster or a small pet. The parts are keychains, cages, and accessories. this single level hamster cage add ons from kaytee will allow you to have a larger hamster in your home with all the benefits of single level cages without the have to worry about thesing and potty breaks. This hamster cage will also come with an extension to allow you to keep your hamster comfortable and safe. this kaytee hamster cage attachment is perfect for your hamster! It can be easily attached to a back cover or bed, and will allow your hamster to explore its new home. The different attachment options make it easy to find the right way to get around your home, and the pink habitat bin playpen accessory is perfect for keeping your hamster safe and comfortable. The accessories are a kaytee 100528624 crittertrail 2-level small animal habitat, a bunch of other accessories, and a instruction booklet. It's for a hamster cage and some accessories.