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Divided Hamster Cage

This is a terrific cage for large animals or small pets! It imparts a large space for their food and water, and a small space for their hamster, this Divided hamster cage is sensational for two.

Cheap Divided Hamster Cage

This is a Divided hamster cage for large pets, the two bottom panels of the cage provide a small space for your pet to stand or rest. The top panel is moreover for children's animals to play and explore, the cage can hold a large pet or child's animal. The bottom panel is fabricated of canvas to protect your animal and the floor, the divider set is produced of sturdy materials to protect your pet and the floor. This Divided hamster cage is for your small pet rabbit or guinea pig in a small space, this model gives two compartments each with a width of 1. 5 inches and a height of 5 inches, the compartment for your pet is in the middle of the cages. The space in between the cages is, 5 inch wide. The cages come with a divider panel that helps to keep the space apart, this Divided hamster cage is sterling for a small pet rabbit or guinea pig. It is large enough to provide enough space for them to play but small enough not to provide too much space, this cage is in like manner made out of durable materials and it is a beneficial way for lovers who have a small pet rabbit or guinea pig. The bottom of the cage is fabricated of canvas and the top of the cage is produced of low-cost plastic, the of the cage are also made of low-cost plastic. It gives a small of about 2 inches wide by 2 inches deep, the hamster is house-trained to a specific point and will entry out into the main cage when offered a new place to rest. The hamster cage is in like manner top-of-the-heap for protecting small pets or from other animals.