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Japanese Hamster Cage

This is a fabulously sleek and stylish marcan rearing caged for hamsters that comes with a second floor, it's new in the box and comes with a larger size that is top for larger hamsters. This caged substitute of keeping your hamster makes it a safe and happy place to be.

Japanese Hamster Cage Walmart

This is a splendid deal for a new hamster owner! We've made some changes to the design of the hamster cage and marcan rearing cage is a top way for you, it's large enough to house a large hamster but small enough so that you can keep him small and safe. The green size is new for hamsters and is top for you'll have to be careful with this, as there is no guarantee that the color will fit into your neighborhood, however, wherever able to deal with the store, they should be able to put the cage in there without any issues. Thank you for your time! The hamster cage is a best-in-class size for the small hamster, and renders a nice green color, it is a little large for a marcan cage, but it is still small enough to be comfortable for long periods of time. This is a fantastic value for the price you pay, this is a new mr-952 come on the second floor from marco. You can't afford to miss this! This is a top-of-the-heap cage for the hamster, it is large enough to hold his body but not too big that it becomes cumbersome. The floor is green and big enough to accommodate his size, there is an 2 nd floor for other types of hamsters such sailor, and others. This is a first-rate surrogate for the hamster brother or sister.